Why 102 Medical ID card?
102 Medical IDâ„?provides critical information to health professionals such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists. It has a decided advantage over a medical ID card, which does not provide sufficient information.

Below are some of the reasons why 102 Medical IDâ„?card can benefit users.

Simple to use and easy to carry, 102 Medical IDâ„? ensures all your medical information is readily available which can be lifesaving in an emergency. Pharmacists will also find it helpful and be alerted to any allergies to certain prescription drugs.

The eye-catching device with the 102 Medical IDâ„? logo is designed to alert medical personnel to a patient’s particular needs and existing medical conditions. Just keep your 102 Medical IDâ„? card in your pocket  / wallet / hand bag, so as to be easily located.

Printed Copy
No problem, just plug the 102 Medical IDâ„? into the USB drive of your computer to easily print your record. A complete printed record makes filling out medical history forms simple when going to a new provider or emergency room.


Protection & Peace of Mind
If you are the career of a child or any other family member, the 102 Medical IDâ„? system may be used to consolidate all of their medical information into one easy access location. Keeping track of your families medical information, medications, doctors and pharmacists can be a tall order, 102 Medical IDâ„?provides an easy way to organize this information.

102 Medical IDâ„? can provide responders with identification information, current medications, allergies/reactions, and existing medical conditions all of which are critical to appropriate medical treatment.

102 Medical IDâ„?also provides emergency contact information so that the proper people can be notified in the event of an accident or medical emergency.


Senior Citizen Safety
Many senior citizens have a range of medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer's which should be immediately known in the event of any emergency.

Every senior citizen with medical issues should carry a 102 Medical IDâ„? in order to provide responders with information showing current medications, allergies/reactions, and existing medical conditions, all of which are critical for appropriate medical attention.

Diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, transplant surgery, patient's currently on blood thinners, epilepsy, asthma, severe allergies, cancer patients and medication allergies such as penicillin and other antibiotics are all conditions that should be brought to the attention of emergency personnel.


Travel Safety
Convenient to use and easy to carry, 102 Medical IDâ„? is designed to make available all of the patient's medical information in the case of an emergency.

When traveling on vacation or for business, or whenever you are away from home, you are at risk.

In the event of an emergency will anyone know who to call or who will know your medical history?
102 Medical IDâ„? provides a solution to this problem.