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Smart phone apps
Appointments and reminders
Expenses trackers
Link records with other family member
Free SMS alerts

Benefits helps you compile, manage and share individual and family health information from the comfort of home. With, you can:

Create a comprehensive health record that includes:

Contact Information
Emergency Contacts
Insurance information
Medical Contacts
Surgeries and Procedures
Family Medical History
Social History

Track and graph health measures including:

Height, weight and BMI (Body Mass Index)
A1C (Test for Diabetes)
Steps Counter (pedometer)
Blood pressure
Medical Contacts
Blood glucose
BUN /Creatinine

Upload documents including :

Medical records
Insurance Documents

Manage your health records from a Web-enabled mobile phone :

View your personal health summary
Direct to send records to selected medical contacts
Upload digital photographs
Enter health tracking information (blood pressure, calories, blood glucose, etc.)

Print a summary of your personal health record and Insurance Information and Send your medical summary to your medical contacts:

Find your physicians, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies in the online database ( Upcoming Features )
Direct to send your personal health record to the locations you select
Preview your health record forms prior to delivery
Store all sent health history forms in your account

Use 102 Medical ID emergency medical card:

Enter your password / Scan Barcode (Optional)
When ever you want take a print out of critical medical information including medications, allergies, conditions and emergency contacts
In the event of an emergency, medical professionals can get read-only access to your PHR by visiting and entering your PASSWORD along with their contact information. You will receive email notification if your PHR is accessed via

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