Consumers Account Options

102MedicalID offers a basic account for relatively healthy individuals to a concierge account for those managing chronic conditions.

102MedicalID basic account

The 102MedicalID basic account has all necessary information.

  • Compile and manage a complete personal health record
  • Send your personal health record to your physicians from
  • View your personal health record on a 102 Medical ID portable device
  • View your personal health record on a web-enabled mobile phone

102MedicalID enhanced and Family account

Individuals and families actively managing health and wellness can add additional functionality to a basic account such as:

  • Upload documents including a living will, lab reports, photographs, insurance copies etc.
  • Send your health records to a medical professional from a Web-enabled mobile phone
  • Graph health data measures such as blood glucose, blood pressure, calories and carbohydrates
  • 102 Medical also can make an arrangement with health provider's office to share your medical history prior to your medical appointment, so that you do not need to fill out complicated forms that need your medical history before your appointment.